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Hello and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Icicle and this fundraising project is destined to support my new record SILENCE.

After releasing 4 full-length albums on my own (with a little help from my friends), I decided to follow the advice of my fans and associates - namely, to start a campaign on Musicraiser.

This way you can be part of the process and the experience, and I can benefit from your support and involvement.

I have absorbed all cost regarding production (recording, mixing, rentals, musicians' fees etc.)

The fundraising drive herein is for (small) manufacturing and (modest) promotion.

Here is the estimated budget breakdown:

  • Mastering (13 songs) - CAD$780.00
  • CD Printing (200 units) - CAD$690.00
  • Vinyl Printing (100 units) - CAD$1662.00
  • Radio Promotion - CAD$1800.00
  • TOTAL = CAD$4932.00 (approx. US$3784.82)

I have written and compiled 13 solid tracks for this record. They are thematically tuned as well as diverse in sound and emotion.

Needless to say, you guys will be the first to hear, download and receive a hard copy of the full album in your favourite format. (Please see the section with incentives for all supporters.)

In the meantime you can preview the first two singles “My Heart” and “Life’s A Stage” right here.

Hope you enjoy them!

Krassy 'Icicle' Halatchev

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