I have the producer, the musicians and the studio...now I'm inviting you.

Hey everyone!

Watch the video now or read below.

52 people all over the world have raised 100% of the minimum amount I need, so I will be recording 4 tracks here in London!

I still need another  £852 to cover the design and print costs, which is what we’re going for now. 

Please share with all your friends, family and general community, we can do this together!!

If you have not yet contributed, now is the time to do so, yay!

If you’re new here, the details of what I’m raising funds for are below.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

onwards and upwards!


ph. Jonathan Daniel Pryce



Hey everyone!

I'm recording a new EP of four songs in an incredible London studio. I have an awesome producer onboard -my friend James Ribbans - who's connected with some of the world's top musicians. They are enthusiastic about getting involved.

To give you some idea of how mind-blowingly cool this is: the musicians and engineer have worked with Adele, James Morrison, Cat Stevens, Jason Mraz, Paul Mcartney and Florence & The Machine (plus many more).  The sound engineer, Dyre Gormsen, is both grammy winning and muiti-grammy nominated. This is an amazing, amazing opportunity!

You are a key note in making this music happen.

"One music note by itself doesn't go very far...but you add a bunch of notes together and you get music."
Let's create a community of notes and bring more music into this world.

This is me crowdsurfing, throwing myself off the stage and into your arms. Together we can ignite more minds and hearts all over this beautiful globe we call Home.

In South Africa, where I am from, I recorded my first album The Wild Land (http://bit.ly/the-wild-land) in a friend's home studio. Another friend drew the cover and I edited it in photoshop. I am so proud of what we achieved with no budget. My second album Home (http://bit.ly/album-home) was recorded in a little cabin in the woods at Peace Of Eden Studios, which I drove up to with my dad, sister and best friend Terri. Terri is also my graphic designer and she worked on the design as we drove. I am crazily proud of what we achieved with almost no budget!

Now it's time for the next big adventure...

I'm so excited to have you on this journey with me! Below, check out the ways your support will be used to make this album an incredible success.

 Recording costs: £1500
 Printing of 1000 CDs: £552 
 Artwork: £300

TOTAL:  £2352

"But why are you only aiming for £1500 when you need more," you may ask.

The vital cost of recording will be covered by your contribution of £1500. Any monies raised above that will add to the final EP to make it as amazing as it is in my imagination.

Simply put: the more you can offer, the more awesome this EP will turn out!

Thank you so much for being a part of bringing my dreams into reality. Let's make songs to remember.

Yours in music

PS: hover your mouse pointer over the rewards on the right to see more details!


Project's Ph: Steven Wilson

http://natemaingard.com  @natemaingard  http://facebook.com/natemaingard 

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  • Melanie Donaldson
  • Silvia Angeli
  • Andre Greyling
  • Dan Smith
  • Maurice Olivier
  • Mayra Vivo Torres
  • Sergio Monteavaro
  • Jeremy Hewitt
  • Poppy McGee
  • Athina Kontos
  • Agnese Ligossi
  • Iain Evans
  • Tania Varuni
  • James Stapleton-Cotton
  • Paulinka Szpakowska
  • Katherine Symons
  • Rowena Efstratiou
  • Josh Maingard
  • Clinton Gloss
  • Tevyn East
  • Paola Rovelli
  • Daniel Plentz
  • Jochen Burkhardt
  • Mauro Santili
  • Dan Wynick
  • Jessica Ellis
  • Devin Howell
  • Martin Lutz
  • Joshua Segal
  • Amaia Fdz de Gorostiza
  • Yvonne Hamilton
  • Scott Sylvester
  • amy beveridge
  • Dominik Schnell
  • Saul Blumberg
  • Julia Glenday
  • Ralph Menezes
  • Laura Gamse
  • Antoine Viry
  • Rob Klarmann
  • Daniel East
  • Claire Wagstaff
  • michael fell
  • natalie mossayebi
  • Igor Sturmheit
  • bethan roberts
  • Mark Follansbee
  • Hilary Fuller
  • Jira Kohl
  • Jo Roberts
  • Enzo Baranelli
  • Mark Frankland
  • hannah kessler
  • Pina Thore
  • marina avetisyan
  • B S
  • Jonathan Pryce
  • David Driffill
  • Maja Bieniewska
  • Karen Buxcel
  • Maria Fernandez
  • David Shortland
  • Gavin Coetzee
  • Christy-Lyn Marais
  • Laura Mihaela Marin
  • Melissa Murphy
  • Mark Ridou
  • Noel Marten
  • Francois Kapp
  • Isabel de Trafford
  • Daniele Ghidoli
  • Jim Hydiris
  • Tara Lewis
  • Ben Landis

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