• richard Craven Nov 30, 2015 20:28
    Almost there! Go Tom!
    • Tom Craven Dec 1, 2015 10:20
      thanks dad! it's amazing to reach the target and thanking you muchly for being part of it!
  • Isabela Santos Nov 23, 2015 21:44
    The more I hear the more I like, best, Isabela
    • Campaign administrator Nov 23, 2015 23:24
      Wow! Thankyou Isabela! Great to have you on board. All the best for your campaign too! Tom
  • Lauren Rich Oct 14, 2015 9:03
    Well done for getting this off the ground noob!

    For those who are being lackadaisical about pledging...DON'T (just wanted an excuse to use that word)! This man needs your support to bless the ears of people all over the country with his music and tallness.

    This man not only works hard for himself but he is a massive support to other musicians all over Hertfordshire.
    • Campaign administrator Nov 23, 2015 23:26
      Thanks Noob! Absolutely brilliant to have you on board! Always been a great supporter of each other's music and looking forward to our shows together in the near future! :) x
  • James Isaacs Oct 5, 2015 17:21
    One of the hardest working and most talented singer songwriters of a generation. If you've yet to witness him live you're missing out.
    • Campaign administrator Nov 23, 2015 23:25
      No pressure then ey Jimmy ;) hope all's well my friend.
6 £

'In Rivers' CD + MP3 Download

The CD copy of the 4-track EP released in June 2015 + MP3 Download!
12 £

Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers'!

Limited edition VINYL, CD & MP3 download of 'In Rivers', each with 5 of 41 of the EXCLUSIVE polaroids by JSP Photography!
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Bespoke 'In Rivers' T-Shirt!

The 'In Rivers' logo and on your own personalised tshirt! Whatever colour you want, whatever size you want, each hand-printed by our good friends Red Shed Clothing!

[Includes Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers!]

40 £

My entire back catalogue + Voodoo Puppet Figurine!

For this item, you can get your hands on all of my CD releases from 2008-2015, as well as a hand-crafted and hand-painted figurine of my 'Voodoo Puppet' logo from Dean's Doodles!

Unseen Angel EP (2008)
'Oceans' EP (2010)

Plus the ridiculously limited edition 16-track acoustic version of LETTER/DIARY:
A Letter Over the Ocean LP (2013)

[Including Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers!]
60 £

Full edition of EXCLUSIVE 'In Rivers' artwork by JSP Photography!

'In Rivers' hasn't just been released as an EP...JSP Photography joined me to bring to life my 'Voodoo Puppet' and do a gorgeous photoshoot for the EP! Get your hands on the ENTIRE shoot, with all 41 polaroids, postcards and a limited edition hand-drawn print from JSP Photography too.

[Including Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers!]
75 £

Online UStream Gig!

A personal UStream gig! Just for you or bring some mates round and enjoy a sing-song. Request your favourite song for me to cover and i'll give it my best shot too!

[Including Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers!]
100 £

Killer Bunny Print + Voodoo Puppet Figurine!

Killer Bunny is the illustrator responsible for my 'Voodoo Puppet' logo. Here you can get your hands on an absolutely EXCLUSIVE 'In Rivers' inspired print from Jeff + the voodoo puppet figurine that Dean's Doodles brought to life in 2015.

[Including Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers!]
200 £

Home Gig Anywhere in the UK!

Exactly what it says on the tin! With 10 added CD copies of 'In Rivers' for you and your friends too.

[Including Limited Vinyl Edition/CD & MP3 Download of 'In Rivers!]

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