Published Jul 1, 2015 16:35

Big Thanks to all who have supported our exclusive pre-order campaign, and all those who submitted "Jellyfish” remixes!

By Pre-ordering direct from us, you are getting the album months before anyone else, and you will have allowed us to bring this project to fruition and grow from the ground up. This is the end of our Musicraiser campaign, but also a new beginning for O.R.k. 

We are currently scheduling live dates for early 2016 and we will be doing a more official, and wider, release of "Inflamed Rides" later this year. You can keep up to date with all things O.R.k. on Facebook and Twitter pages (@orkband)

If you have ordered the download, the Cd or the Cd+stems options you'll shortly get an email with all the instructions to download the audio files for the album. Should you have any problem just let us know. For those of you who have ordered the CD, we will be informing you when shipping of the CD's has started. Manufacturing has started, and we anticipate a shipping date around one and half weeks from now.

Our only request to all is PLEASE do not upload the album tracks anywhere on social media, youtube or the web as this will really affect the official release we are planning for October in a big, bad way.

We welcome your feedback, comments… don’t forget to post pics of your “inflamed Rides” CD when you’ll get it.

...and we look forward to more to come, most of all

we hope you enjoy the rides!

You'll soon enjoy the ride!

Published Jun 26, 2015 13:22

We're pleased to report that "Inflamed Rides" is now mixed, mastered, with a fully completed artwork/lyric booklet and at the manufacturing stage. Our manufacturer tells us the finished CD's will be leaving their factory on July 5th, and all shipping and fulfilment will be handled a few days later, once they arrive at the company doing the mail-out and order fulfillment. We'll keep you updated as and when we have more on this.... Downloadable files for "Inflamed Rides" will be released at the end of the pre-order campaign on July 1st......not long now.

7 £

O.R.k. "inflamed rides" - digital edition

Digital edition - high quality

Download - FLAC = Lossless Digital Download (16bit/44.1Khz)

Download - MP3 = Compressed Digital Download (16bit/44.1Khz)

9 £


get a set of audio stems for the track "Jellyfish" and a personal code. The remix we like the most will be included on the final CD album as a bonus track. For more info check our project description
15 £

O.R.k. "inflamed rides" - cd (limited edition)

Single CD (limited edition - worldwide delivery included)


free album digital edition
20 £

O.R.k. "inflamed rides" - cd (limited edition) + STEMS for REMIX CONTEST

Single CD (limited edition - worldwide delivery included))


free album digital edition


free stems for the O.R.k. remix contest

(Be part of our limited edition CD! Competition closes at June 15th Midnight GMT. For more info check our project description)
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