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1st album: Lef, Colin Edwin, Pat Mastelotto and Carmelo Pipitone

We are O.R.k.

Lef (Obake, Berserk!) + Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) + Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) + Carmelo Pipitone (Marta sui tubi).  

Pre order now our 1st album "Inflamed Rides" and be the first to listen to our new music

It’s an established fact that the once accepted norms of the music business have changed beyond all recognition in an incredibly short space of time. As with any type of change, new possibilities and opportunities are replacing more established ways of operating.

We, as O.R.k, have decided to make use of one of these brand new opportunities in the form of to release our music directly, without going through the traditionally accepted channels of record label, publicist etc.

There are are few reasons for this, but first and foremost is that, owing to the spontaneous and rapid flow of creativity that has given birth to our debut album, acting quickly and facilitating direct a connection seems the most fitting way to get our vision into the public domain. 

This also means there is no intermediary between us and those who might share our journey, so we ask you now, come and join us!

 // REMIX CONTEST // Be part of our Limited Edition CD!

We have decided, in keeping with the interactive, spontaneous nature of O.R.k., to initiate a remix contest for one of the tracks on our forthcoming album "Inflamed Rides.
We know the world is full of really creative people, and we're looking forward to sharing our art in a way which might encourage some of this creativity to manifest in a way which we can't foresee. We expect the unexpected, but we expect to be surprised!
Unique interpretations or finding a new angle to the material is the order of the day.

Therefore, anyone selecting the "CD plus Stems option", will receive a set of audio stems for the track "Jellyfish" - which should be used as elements in your own remix - and a personal code.

During the pre-order period we'll be periodically posting some of the submitted remixes on our project page, and the remix we like the most will be included on the final CD album as a bonus track.

The remix will only be included on the limited edition CD, not the digital album, or any subsequent re-issue. Post your remix on your own social media pages for streaming, Soundcloud, Facebook or wherever.

Finished remix must be submitted as a 48K, 24 bit aiff/wav file and sent via wetransfer to indicating your personal code and the title of your work.

Competition closes at June 15th Midnight GMT.

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7 £

O.R.k. "inflamed rides" - digital edition

Digital edition - high quality

Download - FLAC = Lossless Digital Download (16bit/44.1Khz)

Download - MP3 = Compressed Digital Download (16bit/44.1Khz)

9 £


get a set of audio stems for the track "Jellyfish" and a personal code. The remix we like the most will be included on the final CD album as a bonus track. For more info check our project description
15 £

O.R.k. "inflamed rides" - cd (limited edition)

Single CD (limited edition - worldwide delivery included)


free album digital edition
20 £

O.R.k. "inflamed rides" - cd (limited edition) + STEMS for REMIX CONTEST

Single CD (limited edition - worldwide delivery included))


free album digital edition


free stems for the O.R.k. remix contest

(Be part of our limited edition CD! Competition closes at June 15th Midnight GMT. For more info check our project description)
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