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Help us release our first full-length LP "SHIBBOLETH" on cassette and digital formats! This fundraiser doesn't cover the entire cost of the album's production, but it helps us pay for music videos, merchandise, and publicity costs on top of the expense of recording and mastering the whole thing. If you're super nice to us, there may even be a vinyl re-release of this shindig. 


Whitewash is a post-psychedelic/indie rock/sound art band which has been filling small cubicles of New York City space with sound since it formed in an NYU dorm in 2012. We recorded our debut EP “Fraud in Lisbon” by ourselves in our NYU dorm room in 2013 using Jon’s laptop, an interface, a few decent mics, and an aging copy of ProTools. After a brief hiatus (Aram, Evan, and Jon studied in Europe for a semester), we worked with Team Clermont to re-release the EP to a national audience in September of 2014. We’ve been covered in online publications like DINGUS and Surviving the Golden Age, and we hope to keep the momentum going with “SHIBBOLETH.”


We recorded “SHIBBOLETH” between October and December of 2014 at a home studio called The Pancake Factory in Gowanus, and we know that you will be able to hear the difference between Jon’s first-time production on Fraud in Lisbon and grizzled sonic veteran Mike Hurst’s seasoned dial-adjustments on SHIBBOLETH. We also paid for mastering this time around (thanks, Alex Saltz!), which provides a noticeable improvement in how our music responds to different sonic environments – needless to say, these costs have taken our project a little outside the bounds of our normal expenditures. Fun list of 2015 expenses in addition to mixing and mastering: Fraud in Lisbon tapes, t-shirts, Shibboleth tapes, publicity, and production costs for THREE MUSIC VIDEOS (each with a different videographer!). We could probably use some extra money to help with upcoming tour dates as well.


This is why we’re calling on YOU to help us take this record beyond the level of home recording. The financial goal is set at about one-third of our total release budget (which is still flexible), and we’re offering you some of the most exclusive, most bizarre, most idiosyncratically Whitewash prizes that we could think up.


Our goal is to pre-sell more than just a few SHIBBOLETH tapes, not to mention getting some weird merch out of our house and into yours. We also want you to help shape the future of our involvement of this project - your participation in this is one of the best signs that we should keep doing what we're doing and spending like we're spending! 


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