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Greetings to all of you wonderful people! We are Meta and The Cornerstones, a world reggae band based in New York City. Our latest album 'Ancient Power', was released in 2013 and recorded at Bob Marley's Tuff Gong Studios in Jamaica. We had the honor to record songs with Damian Marley, the legendary U-Roy and Capleton, an experience we will never forget! The album was co-produced by Steel Pulse's Sidney Mills and manufactured and distributed by the major label VP Records. 

After extensive touring all over the world, we are now ready to start recordings of our 3rd and farmost exciting album so far! With this album we want to build bridges connecting Roots Reggae with flavors of world music genres. With Gnaoua music from Morocco for example we encountered in Essaouira, Flamenco and Fado sounds from Spain and Portugal, Aboriginal influences from Australia and sounds from the African and American continent.

We're inviting the best world music artists on some of the tracks (will update you soon about this!) which are all based on our travels and experiences abroad, bringing cultures and musical styles together as one. 

To give the album the unique melting-pot-sounds we're looking for, the recordings will be done partly in Europe and partly in New York City. So this is how your money will be spent:

  • Studio recording costs, musicians and featurings: $15.000
  • Studio engineering, overdub, mixing and mastering: $12.000 
  • Cover art work, manufacturing and promotion of the album: $8.000 

We're asking you to help us cover the first $15.000 together to start the recordings and finish the songs. If we're blessed enough to raise more, it will be used on the manufacturing of the album; the art work cover and the booklet, so we can deliver a real masterpiece again. And, last but not least, to give it the attention it needs, we'd spend any money we receive extra on promotion and tours to get the music LIVE up close and personal, near YOU!!

Be part of writing history with us! We WILL reward you. 

Be the first one to get a copy of the new album, with a personal thank you note. Have your name written on the thank you page of the booklet, receive a signed poster for your collection or join the presentation of the album in the US or Europe as a VIP guest and get to meet the members.

Everything is possible when we do it together!!


Each one teach one!! Thank you and bless you all. 

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  • Jens Oke Johannsen
  • Nadine Schaefer
  • barbora matouskova
  • Rolf Kern
  • Fleur Baak
  • Elisabeth Mwambashi-Wenninger
  • ange hart
  • Emily Wolf
  • Henrich Lichtner
  • Nao Suzuki
  • Lynne IrieLife
  • AKIKUKANAI chemise-homme.com
  • Megan Hardwick
  • Leonie Mülhens
  • giorgio zanardi
  • Tina Keyes
  • Romano Auteri
  • Edgar van Asselt
  • Laure PERSEGOL
  • Stijn Hupkes
  • Goddet Elie
  • pierre chacra
  • Göttliche Samen
  • laurence nguyen ngoc
  • Edward delk
  • sac Jean-François
  • lauren noon
  • Cecile Collins
  • Floor Schoemaker
  • Wakhal Waye
  • Gina Nenniger
  • Sar Badji
  • Tony Rankin
  • Marjolijn Peper
  • MUSCHALLE Michèle
  • Luca Barzaghi
  • Robert Flake
  • Pia Gunnarsson Kron
  • Florent Cochain
  • Marianne Tardy
  • David Tulchinsky
  • Roland Schippmann
  • candice david
  • guillaume adani
  • Joanna Da Sylva
  • Karl Piette
  • justin rondeau
  • James Duncan
  • Imke Asmussen
  • Ella Kromah
  • Isabel Kirsch
  • jerome castany
  • Catalina Rey
  • Annie Lou
  • Iwan Terburg
  • Shafiq Hoeseni
  • Philip Gündisch
  • valdemar Delu
  • Youssouf CARIUS
  • Nicolas Lannoy
  • Brian Donnelly
  • dana keene
  • Romana Matouskova
  • Sheikh Kébé
  • Gerda&Dirk Cornelis
  • Cyril van Schooten
  • marie zaanen
  • fred pouzadoux
  • Jon Tarifa
  • danny mangone
  • Natasha Harden
  • Zack Spagnuolo
  • Marta Kolano
  • Faraaz Hoeseni
  • Iris&Henk Peels
  • Henk Hupkes
  • Andreas Wenke
  • bonnie niang
  • D Waldman
  • Isabelle Nortier
  • Jeff Ussher
  • jean-louis perla
  • Glenda Volk

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