Join us in helping complete and release our 2nd full length album, Heirloom!


We need your support! 

I would be honored for you to join us in the release and success of my sophomore album, Heirloom.  Think of it this way: you are investing in our future and the future of our next release before it happens simply by “pre-ordering” the record and the goodies you want with it before the rest of the world gets it.

Since the release of my debut full length, Nesting (2010), I have been writing and recording demos for Heirloom.  Throughout 2011 we were also finishing the recording and filming of the Buffalo EP/Kettle & Crow DVD which was released in October 2011.  We have now reached the time to finalize my sophomore release, Heirloom.  

Through CMI Records, we are able to record the album.  Through Team Clermont, we have the publicity and radio team on board.  Publicity, marketing, advertising, and touring will give us our best chance for exposure to radio and print.  It will also put Heirloom into the national conversation.  Where this doesn’t guarantee success, it guarantees exposure.  Exposure is crucial to the success of any album.

The truth of the matter is that releasing an album is an expensive venture.  The costs that could be associated if we release this album the way we’d like to include;  Recording ($15,000), PR campaign ($5,000), tour support ($15,516), mastering ($2,000), manufacturing ($1,200), radio support ($4000), and advertising ($1,500).  The total of the entire production comes to $44,216.  While these could end up being our real costs to release this album, we are only looking to you, our supporters, friends, family, and fans to raise a portion of these costs in advance of release to assist in retaining the teams for these areas.

The total amount that we need to raise is $10,000.  If we exceed our goal, all of the surplus will go towards promoting, touring, and making sure this album reaches as many people as it can.

We have been so fortunate to be a part of the CMI recording family and Team Clermont family and to have friends and a team of believers who are excited to help.  They do so much for us and have been loyal support since the recording of our first endeavor, Nesting.  

There will be a page on my website thanking, by name, everyone who donates.  Along with a thank you on the site, you will also receive multiple gifts and premiums depending on what sponsorship level you choose.  I believe that this album is my best work to date and I hope that you all get the chance to hear it.  

I hope you will join us on this exciting journey!








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  • Chris Sevier
  • John Thompson
  • Van Gunter
  • Jim Rives
  • Jennifer Mayo
  • Steven Dupree
  • deirdre lewis
  • jacob franklin
  • Carol Drummond
  • tony savorgnan
  • Susan Gray
  • Michelle Brock
  • Brandon Vedder
  • Mason Payne
  • Susan Stutts
  • Glenn Stewart
  • Sharon Zito
  • Kevin Lehner
  • Jeff Richards
  • Shane Rice
  • Ryan Teel
  • Ben Brenner
  • Sanford Axelroth
  • Elna Brendel
  • Tiffany Alexander
  • Gabriel Tajeu
  • Phillip Horry
  • James Fahy
  • mallie crumpton
  • John Cargile
  • Andrea Dal Passo
  • merrilee challiss
  • Max Greene
  • Sam Fielder
  • John Currie
  • Laura Frost
  • bryan boudreaux
  • Susan Rogers
  • geoff peck
  • Martha DeBuys
  • jennifer pittman
  • Rita Hodges
  • Edward Hobbs
  • Daniel Plentz
  • Lauren Long
  • Tamara Heinemann
  • Peter Mazur
  • betty mckewen
  • alison kearley
  • Phoebe Robinson
  • Reggie White
  • David Tyler
  • Chris Davidson
  • Jon Meeks
  • Trey McClure
  • Jacob Falls
  • Kerri Tucker
  • Joel Madison Blount
  • George Smyly
  • Luca Barzaghi
  • Michael Clarke
  • Kevin Sokol
  • Tracey Nixon
  • John Rudulph
  • Matthew Humphrey
  • Mario Addison
  • ben walker
  • Charlie Foster
  • cal morris
  • Doug and Charlotte Daughhetee
  • evon noyes
  • Chris johnson
  • Nelson Wells
  • Lillian Haines
  • Sandra Swann
  • Heather Stripling
  • ty warren
  • gerrie hansford
  • Chip Brantley
  • Richard Brendel
  • richard dodd
  • doward williams
  • Buyisani Tabengwa
  • Emilee Falcon
  • Anne Bishop
  • William Jordan
  • Cinamon Airhart
  • Walker May
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Thomas Underwood
  • Colby and Sarah Thomson
  • John Gladwin
  • Stephen Duncan
  • beth benton
  • amy stewart
  • Amy & Michael Saag
  • Betty Saiia
  • John West
  • Joshua Bailey
  • Boyden Moore
  • Suzanne T Payne
  • Reynard Papa
  • Jason Schuck
  • Chu-Chi and Bobby Fierman
  • Caleb Chancey

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