You create it, you pay for it, you own it. New music from Mandy Kane!

In 2004, Mandy Kane released his debut album 'Tragic Daydreams'. The album was a self-fulfilling prophecy, with Kane remaining resilient through some turmultous years of levity and loss. A decade later, now a matured artist, Kane is ready to release new material and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of his debut album. A successful crowd funding campaign will see a special edition release of the album, featuring:

•  NEVER BEFORE HEARD B-Sides, demos, live recordings and more.

•  A 10" VINYL EP of unreleased material produced by Woody Annison (Children Collide, Black Cab).

•  A 12" VINYL hand cut copy of TRAGIC DAYDREAMS. 

•  A limited number of PERSONALISED, HAND MADE SCRAP BOOKS included in the pack for top contributors, featuring NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS and highlights during Kane's early career.

•  A custom made ORIGINAL SONG to your specifications, written, produced, performed and recorded by Mandy Kane.

•  YOU choose the title of the new EP as a COMMUNITY, by using the forum of a soon to be launched official artist website. 

•  Top contributors receive an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit, and an amazing bonus reward!

Funds contributed towards this campaign will assist in covering costs associated with mastering, artwork, manufacturing, promotion and more. This is a one-off campaign and, if successful, will never be repeated. 

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  • Martin van Hoof Jenkins
  • benjamin smith
  • Chris McQuinlan
  • Alex Zaia
  • Andrew Gunnyon
  • dan w
  • JuZ Van
  • Britt Williams
  • Phoenix Linkin
  • Hillary West
  • jake lesney
  • Lindsay Bulach
  • Cameron Giles-webb
  • Marisa Robinson
  • Alex Marshall
  • Leigh Stancliffe
  • Troy Reid
  • BrΔnt Dix{}n
  • Laura Jade McDonough
  • Suzanne Coghill
  • Marisa Robinson
  • Tom Whitely
  • Tom McFaull
  • Essy Stein

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