Help Fund the Hybrid Label 'Universally Handsome' + the release of Boy Angel EP


I am hoping to fund my new hybrid clothing/music label Universally Handsome so that I might release the new Fielded EP 'Boy Angel' with accompanying clothing line inspired by the music. 

This is a project that will serve as a platform for Fielded and hopefully future musicians, artists and designers to not only release new albums and clothing but to do so in a completely collaborative way. The platform will exist as a hybrid label called Universally Handsome. I hope to finance the project so that I might reconstruct and redefine the role of a traditional record label and the music industry's relationship to clothing labels in general. I envision Universally Handsome as a cyber-gallery; a place for innovative and genreless artists to create and share music and clothing that fits the contemporary format for maximum impact in a progressive, fast-paced and online society. 

Artists and designers will come together to create a line of clothing inspired by the music and visual aesthetic of a specific musician or band's album. In turn, the album will be released as a digital download, the code of which will be available as part of the design of the garment. Fans will be able to purchase the garments, jewelry, accesories and the like, all of which will come with a digital look book including lyrics, photos, video footage, artist bios, playlists and remixes.

I will begin the project with my own 'Boy Angel EP' in hopes of moving forward with future musicians.  There are already 4 artists on board, working currently to design and create a line that will capture the visual aesthetic of Fielded and enhance the experience of the EP.

The financial breakdown is as follows:

-$3,000 for Wholesale U.S. Manufacturing of several garments currently being designed as well as handmade garment materials (including custom, wearable USB jewelry materials; a signature piece that will be a consistent product for sale on Universally Handsome)

All of the garments and jewelry made will include the Boy Angel EP.

The budget for the label is closer to $10,000 but I am hoping to get started with $3,000 because I am too excited to wait any longer! Anything extra that is donated will be automatically added to the funding of future releases on the label, including recording costs and manufacturing fees.

The EP has already had two single releases, one with an accompanying music video. All recording, PR & video fees have been paid for out of pocket so far and the vision has managed to shine through. Imagine what a community of artists can do with your help, support and financial backing!

All the supporters will be thanked in the digital booklet that will accompany the EP. Feel free to check out the other rewards I have in store for you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and moreover believing in this vision of the future. I believe this is a building block towards changing our relationship to record labels and clothing lines as we know it.  Music will be visual represented and appreciated while designers will have a new way of sharing their garments with the world. Below is further reading and listening for Fielded. Enjoy!

 Impose Premiere of 'City of the Dazed'

Noisey Premiere of 'REIGN' Music Video





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  • Michael Jester
  • Tracy Rosenthal
  • Grace Woodard
  • Naama Tsabar
  • Lisa D'Agostino
  • brian mackewich
  • Billy Mitchell
  • Shane Thomas
  • Emily Green
  • carrie barrett
  • Eleanor Ray
  • laura callier
  • Bernard Minarik
  • Nathan Venz
  • Annie Sicherman
  • Will Orman
  • Adam Vales
  • Carolyn Murphy
  • Hayley Quentin
  • anastasia caras
  • brook Sinkinson Withrow
  • molly stoddard
  • Sara Drake
  • George Myers
  • Jessica D'Alfonso
  • Mike Kluge
  • Carolyn Ciletti
  • Jessica Shook
  • geoffrey carr
  • Kevin Foresman
  • Oliver Bouchard
  • Sam Kittinger
  • Clay Hickson
  • Brooks Strause
  • Allison Moore
  • Marilyn Anker
  • Elle Long
  • Laura Hampton
  • Alexander Teitz
  • Jacquelyn Spence
  • Robert Orrall
  • chanel pease
  • BobbeyoncĂ© Hankinson
  • celia manifold
  • Beth Castellano
  • Adrienne Dawes
  • bonnie powell
  • Dar Vanderbeck
  • Katherine Weiner
  • Frencia Stephenson

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