Hi there! How are you? My name is Myrra Rós and I am a singer/songwriter from Iceland. I am starting this adventure of crowd-funding my second, full length album that is to be released in spring of 2015. Do you want to be a part of it?

So! I have this idea: To crowd fund my next album! I released my first album in 2012, an album called Kveldúlfur (Nightwolf) which you can listen to here:


The recording of my album will be in the hands of Sturla Mio Thorisson or Mio as he is called usually, but his credits include names as Damien Rice, Marketa Irglova (from the Swell Season) Owen Pallet, Moddi, Therese Aune and also the Icelandic Svavar Knútur. Up until recently he worked for Greenhouse studios in Iceland, but there he worked with the greenhouse team on albums with names as Björk, Coco Rosie, Bonnie Prince Billy and Nico Muhly. Our plan is to get a group of fantastic and talented musicians who all happen to be good friends of mine to come in the studio over the period of two weeks and record the entire album in that time. The timeframe we give us for the recordings is between January and February 2015 but maybe sooner if Mio will be back home from touring with Marketa Irglova. (He is a busy bee that mr. Mio) The plan is the album will be released around April. Me and Míó will work on capturing my songs and then we will start bringing in the other musicians. Then the mixing/mastering can begin and that will be in the hands of Björgvin Ívar Baldurson and myself. He is one of the owners/engineers of Geimsteinn, the Icelandic label I currently work with. Geimsteinn and the German label Beste Unterhaltung! will then get into manufacturing the CD for distribution. It will be available around Europe as a CD, Vinyl and for downloads aswell. After this I will be doing tours around Europe to present the album to the world!

 It is my dream that we can make this happen together and that you will want to be a part of this exiting journey with me. I hope we can do this together!

Greetings from Iceland! Myrra Rós

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  • Becky Johansen
  • Álex Hernández-Puertas
  • Jordi Balagué i Linares
  • Irene Stemler
  • Heiður Sævarsdótttir
  • Anke Hellich
  • Felicitas Sörensen
  • Arndis Gunnarsdottir
  • Edward Hancox
  • Thomas Helbig
  • Henry Wulff
  • Hassles Desmo
  • Arthur Bicnick
  • Trausti Bragason
  • Andreas Amberg
  • Susan Pichotta
  • Jean-François Vandendunghen
  • Thomas Steffl
  • Eike Goldammer
  • María José Simón
  • Rolf Peukert
  • Tempus Fugit
  • Oliver Kobald
  • Gerd Taubert
  • Gerri Griswold
  • Lára Rúnarsdóttir
  • Andreas Hucke
  • Mark Rose
  • Michael Reich
  • Ingo Andruschkewitsch
  • Pete Townsend
  • Andreas Wiemann
  • Anna Dannemann
  • Matthew Hancock
  • gareth brisbane
  • David Young
  • Ayako Kawamoto
  • Hannes Föst
  • Simone Mühlhauser
  • Achim Braun
  • Kim-Steven Renner
  • Julian Quenzer
  • Caroline Montgomery
  • Donatello Menna
  • Katharine Wiley
  • Katrin Kropf
  • Rob Rowe
  • Joe Holt
  • Erica Mann
  • Dylan Hay-Chapman
  • Danielle Ohallisey
  • Tania Leclercq
  • Jorge Candás Romero
  • André Voigt
  • Haap Sponsors
  • Monika Eichin
  • Katja Schulze
  • paolo testa
  • Menno Mekes
  • Arianna Biasini
  • Angela Bublitz
  • Anna Łuczyńska-Sopel
  • Gudrun Thäter
  • Angela Finsterbusch
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson
  • Toni Bracher
  • Markus M.
  • Hadrien Chalard
  • Liz Finkelstein
  • Gunna Lára Pálmadóttir
  • Rich
  • Kyle Woolard
  • Colin Woolard
  • Julia Lehmann
  • Charlie Hay
  • Anthony Pickham
  • Britt Howlett
  • Onkel Marco
  • Matthias Lohrisch
  • kelsey moore
  • Ivan Filus
  • Daniel Auðunsson
  • Sue McAuley
  • Henrik Demcker Ankerstjerne Schimkus
  • Meike Mittag
  • Andreas Oppliger
  • Víðir Hallgrímsson
  • Christian Bieck
  • Diana Woolard
  • Amrei Kreutzer

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