We made it :)

Published Jul 19, 2014 12:52

Our crowdfunding event was a success!
We got 130 backers, and this will be a great help to us going into the next stage of album production.
For everyone who purchased an album, they will get sent out as soon as they are done, our goal is 12. August.
For people who got a Skype hangout/music production masterclass with us, we will get in touch with you this week to schedule a date.
Teslagrad keys will also get sent out as soon as we get them :)

Thanks again everyone :) We will have a little celebration today.


Published Jul 5, 2014 21:26

Looking back through old files on the studio computer, it was fun to listen through the various versions of the song "Angeles". And so I thought I'd share them with you :) So here's Angeles, from Jørn's initial idea, through many variations, to the final song:


Published Jun 26, 2014 14:17

For our regular Haap newsletter, we just did a mini-recap of what Haap is all about. Read and/or subscribe to it here:

And I wanted two present some videos for you. First Uena. The song that started the Haap journey.

And now something completely different ;) Heidi is a very fun and funky flautist, as you can hear in this song:

And rumor has it that it is Heidi's flute sampled in this version of the spider-man song (listen at around 1:20):


but, but... Euro???

Published Jun 17, 2014 19:23

We have gotten some questions about our campaign and the prices in Euro. When you pay, you will do so via PayPal, and PayPal will convert the price into your local currency if needed :) Simple.

We have also made this little "mood trailer" with a tiny glimpse of the album's story.

Album Art

Published Jun 16, 2014 0:12

It is probably a little premature to "announce" this, but we have just started talking with an artist called Vidar Haug. By now, Heidi has almost written an entire novel worth of story material for the album.. so there should be plenty of scenes and imagery to choose from to include in the booklet, and of course as the main cover :)

Artist Vidar was recommended to Jørn by some of his Teslagrad collegaues. And just look at this:

and this

These are both from Vidar's blog.

So what do you guys think? I think his style is perfect for our album!

Autumn Aria

Published Jun 10, 2014 12:35

Autumn Aria was an EP we recorded last fall. It is included as a bonus gift in a couple of the reward tiers.

Read more about Autumn Aria

"According to Heidi the initial idea for “Autumn Aria” was to arrange an intimate concert, Heidi at the piano, one camera filming everything, all in one take. No “fix it in the mix”, no gimmicks, just natural reverb from the location they recorded in. This would be nothing like autotune or similar anywhere near this production. Then the plan was to release the EP and put the entire concert on YouTube."


Finding hope in music

Published Jun 6, 2014 17:46

An openhearted Heidi talks about reaching a goal, getting burnt out, and finding new hope in music.


"Symphonic Stories" as download - One week in advance

"Symphonic Stories" full album download delivered as MP3s via yousendit/hightail download, available one week in advance! For more info:

Symphonic Stories and Autumn Aria EP as downloads - One Week in advance

"Symphonic Stories" full album and the beautiful Autumn Aria EP (at half price).download delivered as MP3s via yousendit/hightail downloads. For more info:

Symphonic Stories download + Teslagrad video game + Teslagrad OST

Haap's Jørn Lavoll was the main composer for the critically acclaimed video game Teslagrad.

The producers of Teslagrad want to help out Haap's campaign by making availabe 20 copies of the game for backers of this campaign at a very reasonable price!

Teslagrad is a very fun "action puzzle platformer", and the game is nominated in serveral categories at this year's Nordic Game Awards.

So in summary:
- Symphonic Stories - download
- Teslagrad - full game, download from Steam
- Teslagrad Soundtrack - download

Watch the Teslagrad trailer here:

Learn more about Teslagrad:

Symphonic Stories CD - Pre order

The "Symphonic Stories" album on a CD. We will print these as high quality digipacks with a very nice booklet. For more info:

Mega Download Pack

Here you will get the full "Symphonic Stories" Album + "Autumn Aria" EP (both as MP3s) + Chord sheets for all the songs + tons of photos and videos in one megapack sent to you via yousedit/hightail. We take a lot of photos and videos from life in the studio and from our "inspirational trips". And we will include a good selection of these, plus photos from concerts and other fun bits! For more info:

Symphonic Stories and Autumn Aria EP as downloads + Hang with Haap on Skype

The two albums are delivered as MP3s via yousendit/hightail. and hang out with is on Skype for a while (up to 30 minutes). Bring a ukulele and jam with us, prepare a list of questions, or just have a relaxed coffee with us. For more info:

Symphonic Stories CD with a personal message and autograph

Physical CD including a personal thank you and autographs from Haap. For more info:

Symphonic Stories CD with a personal message and autograph + hangout on Skype

The full album with a personal thank you and autographs from Haap + hang out with us in the studio via Skype (up to 30 minutes). For more info:

CD + Mega Download Pack

if you want it all, both the physical CD and both "Symphonic Stories" and "Autumn Aria" and a ton of photos and videos sent you you via yousendit/hightail, go for this reward tier! For more info:

Symphonic Stories CD + In-depth music production discussion/master-class with Jorn

You get the full album + Hang out with Jorn on Skype for an hour and he will take you through the production of some of the songs, and talk in-depth about how Haap's music is produced. For more info:

Symphonic Stories CD + Virtual dinner/Norwegian cooking class with Heidi

You get the CD and also hang out with Haap's Heidi on Skype as she prepares a norwegian meal and discusses food, music and art with you. Estimate roughly one hour. For more info:

Symphonic Stories CD + Haap T-Shirt

The "Symphonic Stories" album on a CD and a smashing t-shirt.
Remember to tell us your size and wheter you want a female or male model. For more info:

Buy 3 CDs, get a beautiful bonus CD

The bonus CDs is a collection of beautiful recordings of Heidi singing psalms and traditional hymns.

Heidi is a sought after church singer in Norway, and specializes in traditional Norwegian hymns.

Symphonic Stories CD + Photo book

The full album and a high quality photo book. Jørn takes many pictures while we work in the studio and also when we are on our "inspirational trips". So you will get a unique and personal look into the life in the studio and the creation of "Symphonic Stories". For more info:

Symphonic Stories CD + Request a cover song/video

Complete album + send us a request of a song that you would love to hear Haap cover, and we will make a studio recording of it, videotape the performance, and make a YouTube video of it especially for you! For more info:

Corporate Sponsor

A thank you write up at Haap's facebook page, includes personal thanks and links to your facebook page or website. Also includes twitter mentions and links from Haap's webpage. Contact us first to discuss the specifics. Haap has a very large social network and reach potential. For more info:

Private Skype Concert + CD

In cooperation with one of the media companies here in Bergen, we have a very good opportunity to do a high quality stream directly to your Skype. You even get to request songs ;) Concert is about 30-45 minutes long.
We will of course also send you the complete album "Symphonic Stories". For more info:

Haap acoustic, live at your location. READ DESCRIPTION FIRST

On top of this price we need to add a realistic travel price. So contact us first if you want to go for this tier.
The concert can be in your living room or your pub.. or.. any place realistic. We hope someone will go for this, since it would be a lot of fun! For more info:

Haap full band, live at your location. READ DESCRIPTION FIRST

To this price you also need to add transpotration cost for 6 people + equipment. But go for it! It will rock! A concert at your location of choice, your home, your pub or any place realistic. For more info:

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