Haap is a fantasy rock duo from Norway. Our dream is to share our music with you

Haap is a duo from Bergen, Norway, fronted by the stellar soprano Heidi Lambach.

“Symphonic Stories” will be Haap’s debut Album. This album is a concept album full of stories and characters from another universe, the Haap universe. As you listen to the album, you can take part in a journey through a landscape of choices and coincidences.


“Haap is heavenly. A hybrid of symphonic rock, electronica and pop. Like a stew of soundtracks served on a porcelain plate. Powerful strings, vocals interwoven with clean production.” 360- Magazine

We started this musicraiser project to complete our debut album in the best possible way for our fans. In the process working on this album, we will create stories, poems, videos and more to expand the fictitious “Universe of Haap”, which is where the story of this, and coming Haap albums take place. We especially need funds for the final writing process, mixing, mastering and cover art. You can help us in the creation and completion of this extraordinary album.

The album will be released digitally via phonofile to almost all digital music platforms. The physical CDs will be high-quality digipacks which will include an eight page booklet.

We are a very social band! We love to stay in touch with fans outside of Norway, so any surplus funding will go towards activities where we can communicate with fans, wherever they are located on the planet. We are creating videos, arranging streamed concerts, and planning for a tour in 2015.

Who are we?


Haap is Heidi and Jørn. We started making music together in July 2012. We quickly became the duo Haap. So far, we have released eight singles and one EP. We are very excited about being part of musicraiser.com!

We really hope that you can be a part of this journey into the universe of Haap!

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  • Kine-Lise Madsen
  • Bjarte Andre Misje
  • Kjersti Hauso Bernes
  • Heather Hauptli
  • Torill Nilsen
  • Benedicte B Kvinge
  • Kristian Bjørkelo
  • Katrine Elida Aaland
  • Bodil Rørtveit
  • Håkon Mathisen
  • Haap Sponsors
  • Lunar Clockwork
  • Kerosintini
  • Lin Stokke
  • Magnus Holla Sivertsen
  • Jacob Good
  • Knut Espelid
  • Ian Dearden
  • Kenneth Baker
  • Kristian Helvig
  • Arinbjørn Kuld
  • Alija Ibrahimovic
  • Hans Petter Hustveit
  • Svanhild Lavoll
  • Tor Halvor Halvorsen
  • Marcus Gulliksen Christensen
  • Jennifer Grothe Jenness
  • Vidar Lavoll
  • Janne Evensen
  • Elin Hestenes
  • Bergitte Ohm
  • Aleksander Christensen
  • Ane Modell
  • Eva arnardottir
  • merethe soltvedt
  • Alejandro Garcia
  • Geir Alsaker
  • Kym Halpin
  • Haap Sponsor Erling
  • Marte Haugsbø
  • Andreas Hjelmervik
  • Mark Aldridge
  • Shannon Dietz
  • Chris Lund
  • Lykke Kristine Moen
  • Marianne Hole
  • Ingeborg Ekeland
  • Tone Elise Olsen
  • Karl Inge Nordeide
  • Fredrik Ludvigsen
  • Kenneth Stormark
  • John Skov
  • Beate Lambach
  • Andreas Holt
  • Kari Mathisen
  • Paul Greene
  • Francois Mathian
  • Torfinn Wang

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