John Malkovich Sandro Eric Alexandrakis


Sometimes the creative stars align in the most peculiar of ways. In these situations the elements come together at exactly the right moment with such speed and ease, one would assume that it was the work of some sort of higher power.

To fully understand how the stars came to be aligned in such a magnificent way, it is important to go back to the beginning. Two years ago in the fall of 2013, Alexandrakis finished an ambient piece of music that he envisioned John Malkovich speaking over. His inspirations were diverse and eclectic and John seemed like the perfect fit. After recording a rough version of the track he then reached out to his close friend and famed photographer Sandro, who had worked with John Malkovich multiple times in the past. Once the two were connected, Alexandrakis set out to cement his ideas in place and create a final musical and spoken word piece for John.

Over the next few months Alexandrakis studied several versions of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in both Greek and English. By the end of this period he had finalized his own version of the allegory that he then presented to Sandro and Malkovich. “John totally went for the “allegory” idea Eric had, so I suggested we converge in Chicago during one of the upcoming photo shoots and take the time to also make a film based on the “allegory”, says Sandro.

At the time, Sandro’s newest fine art project was “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage To Photographic Masters”, which is currently on a worldwide tour. The series has Malkovich embodying a variety of famous portraits from throughout photographic history. “These are my Micky Mantles”, says Sandro of his photographic idols. “My goal is really to pay tribute to my influences, but also to bring awareness to classic, iconic moving imagery. For me photography is education. I have traveled the world and have been introduced to so many different cultures. Photography has been a way for me to educate myself, to break through barriers in my life and has been used to satisfy deep curiosities. The more I shoot the more I learn.”

25 $

Limited Edition "Illuminated" LP

Illuminated, the next installment in vinyl-only collaborative releases
by actor / director John Malkovich, visionary photographer Sandro, andproducer / composer Eric Alexandrakis, is exclusively available as a pre-order here, now. The package includes two picture disks and the limited edition album artwork, designed exclusively for this pre-order and not available anywhere else.
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