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How to turn your music project crowdfunding into a great promotional campaign?

A crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser is not only a way to fund your project online but a great chance to promote it with a media exposure that you could only receive with top-notch press offices. With Musicraiser you don't have to pay, you just collect the money, that will be transferred to your bank account within 15 days from the end of your successful campaign.

The crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns on Musicraiser last at most 60 days.
In this period of time, you have to reach at least 100% of the predetermined economical goal of your campaign. In order to achieve this goal, you have to offer to your fans exclusive rewards in return for their support.

Examples of rewards:

For an album

Signed Cd and Lp, Mp3, t-shirts and limited edition merchandise, private shows, public shows with reduced cachet and everything that you (and your music) can offer.

For a live concert

Free entrance and first drink, accommodation, vip area entrance, dinner with the artists, backstage access, signed merchandising, other experiences.

For other kinds of projects

Wondering what could make your raisers happy? Our campaign managers are available for consultation on your campaign and rewards.
How much can you earn from a crowdfunding campaign?
There is no limit to what you can earn once you exceed your original goal, you can even reach 1000% of it, it depends on how the campaign is appreciated by the community.
Calculate the potential of your campaign with the Musicraiser Calculator
Once the economic goal is reached and the campaign is over and successful, you will receive the collected funds through bank transfer. Musicraiser applies a 15% commission (+vat and transaction costs) on the collected money for a standard crowdfunding campaign, while for a Musicraiser Accelerator campaign applies a 20% (+vat and transaction costs) commision fee.

If your campaign will not reach 100% of the goal, all the donations will be returned automatically to the credit cards of the raisers, without any penalty or commission.
Both you and Musicraiser will not receive anything.


More than 70% of the campaigns published on Musicraiser are completed with success, reaching on average 130% of the original goal.

Campaign manager

Each creator is supported by a personal campaign manager, who will help throughout all the steps of the campaign, from creation to launch, to promotion..

What's needed in order to launch a crowdfunding campaign (you don't need to have everything ready when you submit your project)

1. Video presentation (not a videoclip)
2. Unpublished photos (without any text)
3. Written description of the project
4. Creation of different rewards for the raisers based on the amount of the donation ($10, $20, $35, $50, $100...)
You can find out how to upload the contents in the guidelines that will be sent you once your project is accepted.

Other info

Musicraiser does not hold any right on your musical project: copyright, image and record rights remain your property.
Musicraiser will not publish projects with racist or sexist contents, nor will it if the contents are offensive for any religion.
The project creators are held responsible for the delivery of the rewards and for the contents published in their campaigns, authorship of the music included.
How to submit a campaign to Musicraiser?
Start with a simple proposal: fill in the form and send the project.
You don't need to have everything ready!
Submit your project
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