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Musicraiser Accelerator is a stepping stone for your music career

It’s not a contest but your personal mission.
A meritocratic opportunity that Musicraiser wants to offer to all artists who decide to produce their music involving the audience.
7 promotional levels to reach and unlock one after the other as you continue to earn with Musicraiser, getting more and more visibility during the entire duration of your crowdfunding campaign:
From promotion to live opportunities, from featured interviews to introductions with the best music industry professionals in target with your music genres, until being physically and digitally distributed in the stores with a dedicated press office that will take care of the launch of your album on the market.

3, 2, 1: LIFT-OFF!
Propose your crowdfunding campaign to Musicraiser
Involve the Raisers and unlock the 7 levels of the Musicraiser Accelerator
Launch your album on the market with physical & digital distribution + dedicated press office
Enter the accelerator
Discover the 7 levels of the Accelerator:



We introduce you on our socials + discounts to print and distribute your music

With thirty Raisers involved, we present your project on our Facebook page, which reaches more than a million music lovers each month.
Plus, receive a discount code for printing CDs, vinyls and merchandise with our partners via email. You will also receive a discount code to distribute your music around the world with Tunecore.


Rocket Man

Your campaign will be featured in our homepage + your music on stage

Over 3000 Raisers per day visit Musicraiser to discover and finance new music projects. We give more visibility to your crowdfunding campaign by placing it in the banners on our homepage.
Reach 50 Raisers to unlock this level and join our roster from where we select artists to represent Musicraiser on stage.


Fly Me To The Moon

You are among Hot Projects + Musicraiser newsletters

We add your campaign to our Hot Projects list, meaning the selected projects recommended within the 20,000 emails sent each month from our database.
We also promote your project in a much more targeted way, by adding it to our weekly newsletter that our Raisers read in order to discover and support new artists.
90% of the musicians on Musicraiser have confirmed that they have found new fans and supporters in this way.



You will earn a live streaming on our Facebook page + we will introduce you to our network of music industry professionals

You have reached 100 Raisers!
This level includes your live stream on the Musicraiser's Facebook page: you are invited to play in our offices or in a location of your choice to make your music heard by thousands of new fans.
There are not only listeners among the Raisers on our platform, but also real music industry professionals: managers, booking agencies, press offices, promoters.
We recommend them your project through a dedicated email, and we invite them to contact you for future collaborations that you will be free to evaluate.
Dozens of artists on Musicraiser have found deals with record labels, booking agencies and management companies after having achieved a successful campaign.


Space Oddity

Your project will be featured on online music magazines partnered with Musicraiser + Interview on Musicraiser

With 120 Raisers you deserve even more promotion and visibility: for this reason, you have the right to be featured on some of the most visited digital music magazines.
Plus, we'll interview you and post the article on our site and socials in order to spread the word about your story with our Raisers.


Champagne Supernova

We sponsor your music via our socials + play live at a Musicraiser & partners event

We want to help you reaching the goal of 200 Raisers: we make a web marketing campaign at our expense in order to promote your project internationally and to reach the right audience in target with your music genres.
But that’s not all: by involving 150 Raisers we guarantee you a slot to play at one of the events powered by Musicraiser or one of our partners.

Across The Universe

Your album will be distributed in the stores + 3 months with a dedicated Press Office

Towards infinity and beyond!
By reaching 200 Raisers you deserve to be launched in the music market in the best possible way. We will offer you a physical and digital distribution agreement that includes:

  • Physical and digital distribution agreements
  • Web promotion and promo push on the digital stores
  • 3 months of dedicated press office (web, paper, radio, tv)
  • Print of 500 copies of your album on CD format**
  • Keep your artistic freedom, your master's property and all editorial rights
Get ready! ENTER THE MUSICRAISER ACCELERATOR The proposal is intended for both unsigned and signed artists (in this case the offer is sent to the record company) who have successfully funded their crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser involving at least 200 Raiser* and collecting at least 4000 Euros/Dollars.

* By 200 Raisers we mean 200 different people who participated in a crowdfunding campaign. Musicraiser reserves the right to check the data in your possession to see if this condition has been respected. If not, the proposal will not be offered.

** Jewel box format

Start your crowdfunding campaign

Join the Musicraiser Accelerator. You can:

Receive web, press and digital promotion
Play live at the events powered by Musicraiser
Record label offers (for those who reach 200 Raisers)

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